Ankh Group

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Members of the Ankh Group:



y14, d30

Wanting to take more time to have a personal life (And think up more ways to beat the poor workers into faster production), Tom Krusher has stepped back from being the leader of ABS, and now occupies the roll of Chief Operating Officer.  He promoted Charlena Halo to leader, and Cado Ava as her Second in Command.  May the Great Maker have mercy on them.


y13, d315

Now offering Medicae-class Nebulon-b Frigate DC Rentals at CPM

Contact us for more information.


y13, d293

With two more labs opening within the last week, Ankh group is growing quickly.  four more are scheduled to open up within the next month and they will start producing more healing sticks and bacta patches shortly.

Let us know if you are intrested in our line of Nebulon-B Medical frigates.  There may be special offers for pre-orders of the frigate such as a medical room pack or bacta tank.  Please contact Tom Krusher or Charlena Halo for details.


y13, d261

Anhh Group has aquired yet another city slab.  WIth these two new cities, we will be building enough labs and factories to support a large client base.  Full production from the facilities will start later this year.


In an agreement with Ghtroc Industries, Ankh Group is starting its ship production under the coordination of ARE leader Sienna Lynn.


y13, d258

Ankh Group has aquired another city.  We will be packing it full of labs and factories to provide more stock to keep up with the demand of our customers.  To see what we offer, head on over to our product page.


y13, d254

Production has started on Sprint-Class rescue craft.  These ships will be available to the general public and orders are being taken now.