Ankh Group

Supporting you and the Galaxy, because nothing is out of reach...

Ankh Recycling Enterprise

Our Services

  • Production, Supply and Sale of Recyclying Droids
  • Recycling of Old, Unused Buildings
  • New Building Construction
  • Security Facility Construction and Door Instalations
  • Reliable, Friendly and Dedicated Service
  • Professional Recycling & Reclamation Services

Ankh Recycling Enterprises offer the same quality of service to our clients as our parent faction, Ankh Biomedical Services. Our experienced staff bring with them a professional dedicated attitude that ensures that the client is treated with Respect, Honesty and attention to detail. Ankh Recycling Enterprises opens it's doors to employees of all races, faiths and political  leanings, without bias or discrimination. We are at your service and can provide that service anywhere in the Galaxy to fill your need

Ankh Recycling Enterprise seeks to provide the Galaxy ..the very best in Service, Quality, Dependability and Honest Trading in every facet of our faction and our employees.

Our recycling service is available to all in need by our highly trained workers.  Priority is to recycle, tear down and rebuild your city to full production without bias, prejudice, or treachery.

Our Motto: "Nothing is out of reach"

Stands true in face of all adversity. We look forward to working with you, So that you may continue your work.